We realized that, in order to innovate consistently and effectively, we needed a structured and strategic approach - one that could identify opportunities, guide creative ideation and manage the development of new concepts, while being resilient in the face of setbacks and adaptable to change in order to ensure successful implementation. Emerging technologies (artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, the internet of things) are always in our mind, and considering the environmental and social impact of our work is always a must.

We take part in innovation projects in partnership with companies in various fields like UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System), UAM (Urban Air Mobility), AI (Artificial Intelligence), anticipating and responding to customers' cutting edge tasks and autonomy needs, based on our IT background and interdisciplinary experience with our VisitFactories project team's exotic car CE certification experience.

One such partnership is with Embention on a potential project for our customers to convert an aircraft into a fully autonomous platform:

Embention and DDX Solutions, Innovation, and Business Partnership